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Investment vs Cash Savings - What’s Your Focus?

A Wealth Manager based in Buckinghamshire has £80m funds under advice. They often received queries about bank interest rates and accounts from their clients. This led to them spending time and effort researching bank rates and helping clients with administration and felt their time could be better spent on reviewing the investment portfolios under their remit.

Insignis Cash Solutions were recommended and they trialled the service. The Insignis team undertook all the administration and arranged a suitable portfolio tailored to their clients’ needs. They appreciated the ’one signature’ solution, competitive rates, active management and easy access to information.

Of particular value to both the wealth manager and their clients is the consolidated interest report providing all information required in order to complete the client’s tax return.

As a result:

  • Their capital adequacy money was earning interest whereas previously there was none.
  • Once some of their clients used the Insignis service for their cash, the wealth managers could focus on the clients’ investment element of their portfolios
  • They could access up-to-date information on each client via the Insignis platform.

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Cash Liquidity at a crucial time

Case Study - Individuals - Divorce

Ms F received £900,000 in cash as part of a divorce settlement.

The money has been held in two instant access accounts of £450,000, each earning an average rate of 0.5%. Ms F felt that she should be earning a higher rate of interest on her cash deposit until she decided what she would like to do with her money. She was also aware that only a portion of her cash savings were protected under the government-backed FSCS protection allowance of £85,000 per institution.

The solution:

We placed the £900,000 in a selection of five term accounts of between 1 year and 15 months earning an average of 1.4%. The amount of interest earned increased from £4,500 to £12,600, significantly boosting her interest rate income.

As a result, Ms F benefitted from:

  • Cash liquidity according to her needs while still benefitting from better interest rates
  • Online monitoring in real time on all her accounts
  • Rebalance of her accounts once her cash had been moved by a dedicated Relationship Manager
  • Increased FSCS protection for her money

Proceeds from house sale earns great interest

Case Study - Individuals - House Move

Mr and Mrs T sold their property. Before their next house purchase, they wanted a home for their cash that earned the best interest rates. They contacted Insignis Cash Solutions to determine what rate we could secure for them.

Their conveyancing solicitor transferred the proceeds of their house sale, £750,000 directly to Insignis and we placed the full amount with the highest paying 30-day notice account.

Since their full amount would be protected by the FSCS Temporary High Balance clause for up to 6 months from the date of the property sale, they didn’t require the extra security offered by bank diversification that most clients require.

The result:

Within a month, they had found their next home and gave us notice to withdraw the full amount in good time. In total their money earned interest for 55 days but yielded £1,300, enough to cover the cost of some new carpets.


The problem: Funds from a house sale weren’t earning any interest.

The solution: Insignis placed the money in an interest earning account with full FSCS protection.

The result: From £0 interest to £1,300 for 55 days

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Increased FSCS protection with better interest return

Case Studies - Companies (SMEs)

Mr S owns and operates a successful marketing business based in the Midlands and operates across Europe. Due to the recent Brexit vote he has decided to postpone an investment and now finds himself with £800,000 in the company’s current account earning nothing.

In addition, as part of a personal investment portfolio, he holds £500,000 in joint names with his wife. He has been actively managing this money himself, trying to keep up to date with the latest rates but had been finding it increasingly time consuming. He also recently discovered that two accounts he had opened, with seemingly different institutions, are operating under the same banking license and only half of this money was protected by the FSCS statutory investor protection.

The solution:

We looked at his cash portfolio and placed his corporate funds into six business savings accounts paying an average rate of 0.84% APR. His interest increased from £0 to £4,200, enough to cover his accountants fees, and the amount protected by the FSCS went from 9% to 56%.

We identified four suitable accounts for his personal money with an average rate of 1.3%. The amount of interest received increased from £4000 to £7000 in time for his silver wedding party, but, more importantly to him, the FSCS statutory investor protection increased from 70% to 100%.

As a result Mr S now has:

  • Increased FSCS protection across both business and personal savings
  • Better interest rates and more interest earned
  • Fully managed service
  • 24/7 online account management

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