Would your organisation benefit from improved return and diversification




A savings product that stays ahead of the market

Cash is an important business asset, which is vital for liquidity and meeting future liability.

Oftentimes, the management of cash deposits and constant review of the bank interest rates to ensure that cash is always working hard can be a time-consuming and painful process.

Our award-winning platform offers a single sign-up service that gives you access to up to 29 banks and building societies offering exclusive, market-leading savings rates. This spreads your FSCS or equivalent protection for eligible funds. Insignis also manages the complex administration on your behalf, providing you a hassle-free service.

You’ll benefit from:

The best interest rate

For your cash according to your term requirements.

Cash moved securely

Moved within the banking systems and you remain the beneficial owner of the deposit.

No disruption

No need to move your current banking relationship.

Regular review of the whole-of-market interest rates

Ensures that you get the best available rates.

Peace of Mind

More time, safe in the knowledge that your cash is taken care of.

A variety of term options

Keeping your funds as liquid as you need them.
Insignis for Financial Advisors

Every business needs access to cash savings.

Every business needs access to cash savings and at the same time should get good returns on that cash. We can help by taking away all the hassle of moving your cash to sourcing the best interest rates, with the added benefit of access to protection schemes for eligible funds*.

Would your organisation benefit from improved return and diversification without having to change your primary banking provider? Simply sign up and we’ll do all the legwork for you.  Need more information? Read the FAQs


Average Interest Rate

The average interest rate at 3 high street banks is 0.01%. The average rate for the top 3 banks on the Insignis Bank panel is 1%. That’s 100x the amount you could be earning.*

*Data correct at April 2021.



Case Studies

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How it works

Our single sign in process makes depositing your money easy. Click here to see how it works.



Companies FAQs

Do I have to change my current day to day banking provider?

No, there is no need to disrupt your current banking relationships in any way.  Your Cash surplus can be transferred from your current account to or from the Insignis hub account via the secure Insignis platform.

It’s a reasonable proposition but it won’t make me enough money to be worth my while?

Providing a solution for your cash gives you far more than a financial reward. The cash in the portfolio is diversified from a counterparty perspective (not having all your eggs in one bank) and can be allocated to provide for your liquidity needs and preferences. You also save the time and effort of doing this yourself.

Do you guarantee the best rates on the market?

Our unique solution allows clients to sign one set of paperwork, and pass Anti Money Laundering checks just once and then all accounts are opened for them.  We guarantee to provide competitive rates over the long term and will keep you informed as rates rise and fall.

What reporting do you offer?

You can create a pdf of your portfolio via the digital platform. You can also view and download in pdf format a consolidated interest statement and real-time summary of all cashflows.

Why are you different from other Cash Management services?

Our value sits in the banking relationships we have established to complete the process fully with a one signature solution ensuring the entire process is handled by us with our intuitive website keeping you fully informed.

In the current interest rate environment is there enough value in doing this?

Higher interest rate environments tend to coincide with higher inflation figures so the net benefit to the client is often the same.

With so many non-High Street brands offering competitive rates, it becomes challenging for individuals to keep on top of where the best rates are being offered.

What do you mean by whole of market?

We receive a daily feed from Moneyfacts of every savings and deposit account available in the UK.  In addition, we receive some other account rates directly from our banking partners.  We review all this information, also taking into account how easy it is to do business with the institution and their customer service record. This allows us to select a panel of banks and accounts which we will use for our clients.

How do we know you won’t run off with our money?

All client money is held in a client portion of the Barclays account, in the business’ beneficial name. We have robust technology backed procedures, like those used by solicitors when a house is purchased.

Full details are available in our ‘Security of Deposits’ document.

What cash can I deposit in your solution?

This service is ideal for any cash savings a business holds. This includes retained earnings or your latest investor funding round.

I am interested, what are the next steps?

Simply contact us, we will arrange for a member of the team to visit you at a time and place convenient to you. We propose to complete all necessary documentation in a single session to minimise the time and hassle to all our clients.

*What about the FSCS Protection Eligibility?

Deposit protection by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is subject to the deposit eligibility and wholly determined by the FSCS. Further details can be found at here.