Insignis Adviser Partnership Programme

Insignis is an independent company built for Financial advisers. We work with more than 700 contracted Financial Firms to provide our cash management service to their clients in all parts of the UK.

About Our Programme

Insignis is an independent company built for Financial advisers. We work with more than 700 contracted Financial Firms to provide our cash management service to their clients in all parts of the UK.

We provide your clients with a savings solution that reduces risks increases return ad saves time.

We work with the following client types:

  • Individuals

  • Business

  • Charities

  • Trusts (including PoA & CoP)

  • Pensions (SIPP & SSAS)

  • Local Authorities

  • Banks

We have a cash solution for your individual, business, charity or trust clients that have at least £50,000 to invest in cash savings. Below is everything you need to know about joining Insignis and getting started.

 Client Introductory Brochure

 How Fees Work

 Due Diligence Document


 Fee Discount Partnership Agreement

 Fee Share Partnership Agreement

Built for Financial Advisor Partners

How to Sign Up A Client with Insignis

Why Insignis


Insignis has no set up fee per account. Others charge £500 which is the equivalent of 0.20% of interest rate on a deposit of £250k. Our ongoing fees are also lower in every category and we offer a fee share model to Advisors.

Online platform access and reporting

Insignis offers a unique online sign up and Partner Resource Centre for IFAs, materially reducing the client journey. We also have a Client Services Team – where others are platform only.

Minimum deposit size

Insignis minimum deposit size is £50k, this allows you to serve a much higher percentage of your clients (and extend the product offering to their personal and professional network).

Professionally rated and award-winning platform

Insignis has professional rating agency analysis and reporting on the bank panel by Fitch, a top 3 global player in ratings. Others have an internally derived bank rating/risk score – we believe this to be a major liability for their platform if a bank fails. We have also been awarded the Digital Wealth Solution award by PAM and the Best Cash Savings Platform of the Year by savings Champion.

Banking panel and product offering

Insignis can source bespoke dates and rates for large deposits. We have access to large, highly rated banks such as Lloyds, Goldman Sachs, Agri Bank of China etc.

Platform usability

Insignis gives a consolidated view for IFAs for all their clients and deposits, with a direct feed available via Intelligent Office and MoneyInfo (with others in the pipeline…)

The overriding structural and cultural difference is that Insignis is the only platform built specifically for the Financial Advice industry and this informs many of the points above.

About Insignis Cash Solutions

Insignis Cash Solutions is a cash savings platform designed for individuals, companies, charities, and local authorities to earn better interest from their hard-earned cash. The platform offers access to up to 30 banks and building societies offering exclusive, market leading savings rates. The service allows clients to hold deposits with a range of providers all operated via a hub account with Barclays Bank.

Established in 2015, Insignis is founder-owned and experiencing exponential growth as more people realise that our simple solution saves them time and earns them better interest rates, without the hassle. Our Independent status allows us to work with banks and financial-industry partners to get the best results for our mutual clients.

Our partnerships with wealth managers, financial planners and banks empowers savers to do more.

We are here to help

Ready to get join us? Please get in touch and a member of our team will be happy to help you. 

Insignis Adviser Partnership Programme Terms & Conditions

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