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Insignis Cash Solutions launches new cash management products for solicitors and financial advisers

by Insignis Cash Solutions in News

We are excited to announce that we have just launched a number of new products that help financial advisers and solicitors guide clients through all aspects of cash management. 

The following new services are on offer:

Power of Attorney
We understand that having lasting or enduring power of attorney comes with a duty to always act in the best interest of the beneficiary.

Court of Protection
As a deputy for a beneficiary, it’s important to always act in the best interest of the individual. You have the power and duty to invest any funds with a focus on accessibility and low risk return. We aim to help you make financial decisions simple with our cash management service.

Cash Savings for Trusts
We help trustees improve interest rates on cash in a trust while adhering to the trustees stance on cash security and liquidity

Divorce Settlements
Financial planning is important throughout the divorce process and clients rely on  you to ensure that their financial best interests are at heart. A clear way in which you can help your client’s financial situation is by ensuring their cash settlement is secure.

Family Investment Funds
Family Investment Companies (FICs) are increasingly used as a tax efficient vehicle to pass funds down to a younger generation whilst the older generation maintains control. Insignis can help manage the cash deposits in the fund ensuring better returns and FSCS protection.

Major Asset Disposal
When clients have an unusually high cash position as a result of selling a house or other major asset, Insignis provides a secure home for cash deposits to generate a better rate of interest.

Partner Benefits
Keeping up-to-date with new bank accounts and constantly changing interest rates is a persistent challenge that most people just don’t have the time or appetite for. We do that for you

Tax Bills
Why not earn interest on funds earmarked for tax bills or any other short-term liquidity requirements until they are needed.

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