An NS&I savings alternative

Our cash savings platform gives your clients instant access to market-leading interest rates, with a single sign up.

We offer cash solutions for individuals, businesses, charities, or trust clients.

What's happened at NS&I?

On 24 November 2020, National Savings & Investments (NS&I) cut its interest across several savings accounts, dropping its top easy-access rate to just 0.01%. If your client has an ISA, Direct Saver, Investment, Income Bond, or fixed rate product account with NS&I, it is worth considering a savings alternative to provide them. 

The drastic changes are shown below:

table showing NS&I rate cuts

*Source: NS&I website

Example Portfolios

See below for how some deposit accounts could look like with us. 

 £300,000 portfolio:

 £500,000 portfolio:

 £1,000,000 portfolio:

Insignis Cash Solutions is built for Financial Advisors

Insignis Cash Solutions has seen a significant level of inquiry from our Independent Financial Advisors (IFA) partners looking for an alternative solution on behalf of their clients. Our cash savings platform gives your clients access to market-leading savings rates whilst giving you greater visibility of your client’s complete portfolio.

Keeping up to date with new bank accounts and constantly changing interest rates is a persistent challenge that your clients just don’t have the time or appetite for. We do that for them. We’ll get the best interest rates for their cash deposits across a variety of banks with a single sign-up procedure. You can increase their percentage of the cash that is protected by the FSCS guarantee whilst boosting the return on that cash at the same time.

Find out more by watching our video:

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