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Our cash savings platform gives you instant access to market-leading interest rates, with a single sign up.

We offer cash solutions for individuals, businesses, charities, or trust clients.

What's happened at NS&I?

National Savings & Investments (NS&I) announced a dramatic cut in the interest it pays on many of its savings accounts, dropping its top easy-access rate to just 0.01%. If you have an ISA, Direct Saver, Investment, Income Bond, or fixed rate product account, you will be affected by these changes from 24 November 2020.

These drastic changes are shown below:

table showing NS&I rate cuts

Why save with Insignis Cash Solutions?

Top interest rates

Unlock market-leading savings rates.

One-time sign-up process

Access to multiple bank accounts with a single sign up process.

Cash moved securely

Cash is moved securely from a range of UK-based to Offshore banks offering a variety of products with competitive interest rates.

A managed account

Ongoing management and proactive communication for support using our platform.

Hard-working cash

Ability to split your money across multiple banks and receive higher blended interest rates.

Protection Scheme Eligibility

Peace of mind knowing your savings are eligible for protection per account opened for each banking license. 

How saving with Insignis Cash Solutions works

Keeping up to date with new bank accounts and constantly changing interest rates is a persistent challenge that most people just don’t have the time or appetite for. We do that for you. We’ll get the best interest rates for your cash deposits across a variety of banks with a single sign-up procedure. You can increase the percentage of your cash that is protected by the FSCS guarantee and boost the return on that cash at the same time.

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