Fuel your business ambitions with better cash returns

Generate greater returns on your cash reserves without having to change your business current bank account.

While immediate cash access is crucial for businesses, don't overlook the opportunity to earn higher interest on your cash reserves. 

Achieving a balance between liquidity and investment returns is essential for ensuring financial stability and fostering growth. With the Insignis Cash platform, you can efficiently manage your cash reserves and optimise your business financial resources across the short and long term. 

A single sign-up process provides you with access to exclusive rates and hundreds of business deposit accounts from over 40 banks and building societies to increase your cash reserves

With easy access, short-term notice and fixed-term accounts, you can capitalise on liquidity events and withdraw funds precisely when your business requires them. All this, whilst enhancing the FSCS protection of your cash through efficient bank diversification.  

Optimise returns, enhance the protection on your business savings, and enjoy hassle-free cash management. 

Top Rates

Easy access


6 Month Fixed Term


1 Year Fixed Term


Rates are correct on the Insignis Cash Platform as of 22 Sep 2023. Rates are subject to a minimum and maximum deposit size. Availability of product will vary depending on the client type.

How it works - Effortlessly track and manage your capital reserves

  • Complete a single application to open your account. 
  • Deposit your cash reserves into your Insignis Cash hub account .
  • Choose from hundreds of market-leading business savings accounts and start earning interest. 

The minimum deposit size for businesses is £250,000.

Why Insignis Cash

Insignis Cash is committed to providing businesses with the best solutions for their cash management needs.

Market-leading interest rates

Access competitive and exclusive interest rates across a wide range of business savings accounts from our large panel of banks and building societies. 

Reduced counterparty risks 

Enhance your FSCS protection eligibility and increase your bank diversification by spreading your savings across multiple banks all at the click of a button. 

Multiple currency accounts 

Hold deposit accounts in Sterlings, dollars, and euros, earn interest and reduce FX costs. 

Centralised cash management processes

Eliminate manual tasks such as tracking multiple accounts, reconciling transactions, and generating reports.  

Secure platform 

24/7 availability, two-step authentication, and dual authorisation for secure transactions. Your funds are exclusively held in your business name and can only be withdrawn to the designated account from the platform.


Friendly support

Our UK-based Client Services team is readily available to assist with any inquiries or guide you along your journey. For instance, we can send you helpful reminders when your fixed-term products reach maturity. 

Don't take our word for it

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer accounts in other currencies?

We offer US dollar and Euro accounts across our individual, joint, corporate, charity and trust accounts.

Do you charge transaction fees or a sign-up fee?

No, our only charge is the annual account service fee based on the total deposit.

What happens to clients’ deposits if Insignis Cash ceases to trade?

There will be no effect on clients’ funds as they are held with the relevant financial institutions, not with Insignis Cash. Funds would remain with the banks and building societies until maturity (if applicable) or automatically be put on notice (if applicable), after which they will be returned to the linked bank account.

What reporting do you offer?

On the Insignis Cash platform, there are three reports clients can generate at any time.

  • Portfolio Summary: an overview of all the funds currently on our platform.
  • Transaction History: lists all movements on the account, for any period, including details of charges made.
  • Interest Received: summarises all the interest that has been received across all the products in your Portfolio.

Who is the beneficial owner of the funds while they are placed with the banks/building societies?

The client always stays the beneficial owner of the funds throughout the process. The funds never touch Insignis Cash.

Put your business cash to work

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