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With one Insignis Cash account, you can access thousands of market-leading rates from our panel of 40+ banks & building societies.

Effortlessly protect and grow your cash savings

  1. Apply – Complete your single sign-up process to open your Insignis Cash account.
  2. Place – Choose from thousands of savings products to meet your savings and liquidity needs.
  3. Earn – Easily move your cash deposits between banks, maximise FSCS protection, and watch your funds grow.
  4. Enjoy – Withdraw money from your Hub account at any time.

Why Insignis Cash

Market-leading interest rates

With a single sign-up, select the products that best suit your liquidity requirements and benefit from our exclusive interest rates.

Single sign-up process

Save time and energy by opening and managing all your savings accounts in one place.  No need to spend hours scouring the internet for appealing savings rates.

Secure platform

24/7 availability, two-step authentication, and dual authorisation for secure transactions. Your funds are exclusively held in your name and can only be withdrawn to the designated account from the platform.

Better protection

Enhance your FSCS protection eligibility by spreading your savings across multiple banks all at the click of a button. All UK-based banks on the Insignis Cash platform are members of the UK Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Friendly support

Our Client Services team are based in the UK and are always on hand to address any queries you may have or help you through your journey. For example, we can send you a helpful reminder when any of your fixed-term products come to a maturity.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can open an Insignis Cash account?

To open an account, all the beneficiaries must be:

  • Over 18 years old (unless in the case of a trust)
  • UK citizens
  • Permanent UK residents (residency permit will be required where the client is not a UK citizen)
  • UK incorporated legal entities or arrangements
  • UK tax-payers

Please note we cannot open accounts for any individuals living outside the UK or US Persons submitting tax returns to the US Inland Revenue Service (IRS).

Do you only offer individual and joint accounts?

We offer over 26 client types, including corporates, charities, trusts, power of attorney, court of protection, SIPPs, SSASs, and more.

What documents are required to open an account?

We require appropriate verification of identity and address for personal customers. For legal entities or arrangements, we need identification and verification of beneficial owners, controlling parties, and business activities. Evidence of the source of funds and assessment of source of wealth are also necessary. Additional information or documentation may be required to meet regulatory requirements.

Do I have to change my current day-to-day banking provider?

No, you do not need to change your current daily banking relationships, unless you have accounts with a provider not on appearing on the Bank of England’s list of authorised banks.

You can deposit and place surplus cash on our platform while keeping day-to-day transactions with your existing banking provider.

Do you offer accounts in other currencies?

We offer US dollar and Euro accounts across our individual, joint, corporate, charity and trust accounts.

Do you accept paper application forms?

We accept paper application forms, although processing may take longer to process.

Do you conduct anti-money laundering checks on your clients?

We conduct anti-money laundering checks on all clients as required by banks the law and regulations that apply to us.

How secure is my data?

Your data, including personal and organisational information is encrypted using proprietary encryption methods. All Personal data is encrypted when data is at rest and access is only permitted to authorised personnel.

Access to the Cash Management Platform is secured using Strong Customer Authentication (SCA username, password, and PIN code sent to registered mobile).

Do you charge transaction fees or a sign-up fee?

Our only charge is the annual account service fee, which is based on the total deposit, which is due quarterly in arrears. There are no other fees for the Insignis Cash service.

How do you take your fee?

Once a client deposits funds into their Hub account, we set aside the annual account service fee and draw down monthly payments in arrears from this fee reserve account. We charge a minimum of one quarter of the fees, after which fees are charged pro rata. While the funds are in the fee reserve, they remain in the client’s name. There are no other fees for the Insignis Cash service.

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