Shine the light on your clients' cash savings

Generate greater value for your clients by increasing interest earned on their cash savings whilst maximising FSCS protection eligibility.

Insignis Cash is an online cash management platform built with Financial Advisers in mind.

Being able to recommend specific products that best suit your clients’ needs is crucial. With more than 3,500 products across 26 different client types, our award-winning platform enables you to consistently offer your clientele bespoke and competitive cash solutions.

From one single sign-up, your clients gain access to saving products of 45+ Banks and Building Societies, from Easy Access to 5-year Fixed Term products. This allows you to secure your clients’ cash and capitalise on liquidity events, such as the sale of a business or property, a divorce settlement, or an inheritance.

Because our platform enables your clients to explore ways to diversify where they hold their cash, you can offer them extra protection.

And this, at no extra cost to you. 

Why Insignis Cash

Insignis Cash is committed to providing Financial Advisers with the best solutions for their clients’ cash management needs.

Market-leading rates

Our platform gives you and your clients constant access to competitive and some exclusive rates across a variety of savings accounts.

Ownership of client relationship

Commitment from ourselves and the banking panel to never cross-sell to your clients, so you can continue to nurture the relationship you have with your clients.

Tailored solution

Option to fully manage your clients’ cash savings with the online “authority to transact” or oversee their portfolio.

Flexible fees

You can choose between earning a share of the ongoing management fee or passing a fee discount onto your clients – the choice is up to you.

Better visibility

Holistic view of your clients’ cash assets; supporting you to further build their wealth.

Online resource centre

Direct access to instant illustrations, guides, and marketing collateral to onboard clients.

Top Rates

See how much your clients could be earning today

Easy access


6 Month Fixed Term


1 Year Fixed Term


Rates are correct on the Insignis Cash Platform as of 18 Jun 2024. Rates are subject to a minimum and maximum deposit size. Availability of product will vary depending on the client type.

How it works - A straightforward service that will save you time

Attract new clients and enhance your proposition by offering the Insignis Cash Management solution.

  • Become a partner
  • Open an account for your clients, at no cost
  • Access savings products from 45+ Banks and Building Societies
  • Place, withdraw, and re-invest funds as often as required

The minimum deposit size is £50,000.

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