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We are in a rising interest rate environment with significant returns available for cash deposits. Insignis Cash Solutions supports multiple Client types across multiple term products depending on your Client’s liquidity requirements from an easy access account up to a 5 year fixed account. Read the FAQs

Who can benefit?

We have a cash solution for 26 different Client types that have at least £50,000 to invest in cash savings, including: Individual and Joint accounts, Corporate, Charity, Public Sector, Education, Non-Bank Financials, Power of Attorney, Court of, Protection, SIPP and SSAS. 


Why it’s good for you:

  • No costs or charges to Advisers of any kind
  • Enhance your Client proposition by offering the Insignis Cash Management solution
  • Attract new Clients and compete with the banks
  • Capitalise on your Clients liquidity events such as the sale of a business or property, a divorce settlement, or an inheritance, don’t lose out to the banks
  • Gain a new revenue stream

Why it’s good for your clients:

  • A single sign-up for your Client gives them access to 37 Banks & Building Societies’ savings products
  • The Client remains the beneficial owner of their funds at all times
  • On-going account management and proactive communication so they are always getting the best returns for their cash deposits
  • A Client Services Team based in Cambridge ready to assist them in placing their funds or answering any query they may have
  • FSCS Protection – Eligible deposits are protected up to £85,000 per depositor per UK Bank (£170,000 for joint accounts)
  • FCS Approved – We are independent and fully regulated by the FCA under the new payment service regulations

Our solution offers you as much involvement as you and your client require.

High Involvement

We interact with you fully and never contact your client directly.

Medium Involvement

You and your client may both be involved with direct contact. Only one of you can operate the online system.

Low Involvement

You introduce your client to us and we deal directly with them.

Book A Demonstration Of The Platform

Book a demonstration of our cash management service today and we will highlight all the aspects of the service for you and your Client and answer any of your questions.


Keeping you informed

Wealth Managers - App

Account Management

On-going Account Management and our Client Services team based in Cambridge can be reached via email or telephone to address any queries the Client may have.

Wealth Managers - Website


Both you and your clients receive access to our secure platform. This enables 24/7 access to their portfolio of accounts showing where cash is deposited, together with applicable interest rates and notice periods.  You or your clients are also able to instruct further deposits or withdrawals.  A full transaction history is provided, as well as formatted downloads of client portfolios.

Wealth Managers - Tax statement

Tax Statement

We provide a consolidated statement of interest received on the client’s portfolio for each year. This is available via our secure platform or can be emailed or posted on request.

Support services for our Partners

We are pleased to offer the following options to members of our Partnership Programme. A charge may be applicable depending on the complexity of your requirements and your expected flow of deposits into Cash Solutions from Insignis:

Data Feeds

A regular feed of client balances and portfolio breakdown for you to upload into your own system.

Web service / API access

We can offer a web service which would deliver client balances and portfolio breakdown for you to integrate into your own system.

Marketing Services

We can assist with meeting your Clients as well as providing marketing material to offer our cash solutions.

Case Studies

Read about how Insignis has helped get higher returns for clients.



Get more information on relevant topics and insights on the Fintech and Banking industry that relates to your cash savings.


How it works

Our single sign in process makes depositing your money easy. Click here to see how it works.



Find further information on the service and how it can help you and your clients here.



Financial Advisor FAQs

How do we know you won’t run off with our client’s money?

All client cash deposits remain in their beneficial name and we have robust technology-backed procedures, like those used by solicitors when a house is purchased, and relevant Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Full details are available in our ‘Security of Deposits’ document.

It’s a reasonable proposition but it won’t make me enough money to be worth my while?

Providing a solution for your clients’ cash gives you far more than a financial reward.  It’s great customer service. If you are looking after the client’s cash you know no one else is, and that they won’t have an opportunity to cross sell competing products. The advice you give your clients will be holistic as you will know about their cash.

How does FSCS eligibility work?

We will work with the client or the IFA partner to determine priorities and will tailor a bespoke solution to achieve highest FSCS protection eligibility and highest interest-bearing returns.

*This provides an indication of potential eligibility. Deposit protection by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is subject to the deposit eligibility. Details can be found at

Do you guarantee the best rates on the market?

We guarantee to provide competitive interest rates over the long term but in the short term there may be higher rates in the market offered by providers we don’t deal with as their processes are too onerous or their customer service too weak.

What do you mean by whole of market?

We receive from Moneyfacts a daily feed of every savings and deposit account available in the UK. In addition, we receive some other accounts direct from our banking partners.  We review all this information also considering how easy it is to do business with the institution and their customer service record to select a panel of banks and accounts which we will use for our clients.

How do we know you won’t poach our clients?

Insignis only offers Cash Solutions and a financial exchange service for clients who wish to swap their portfolio from, or to, a GBP portfolio. We, therefore, have no competing services that we would offer to your clients. For added security as part of the Professional Introducer Agreement there is a strong ‘No compete’ clause.

Why wouldn’t the client do this themselves?

Our biggest competitor is the client themselves, but clients who approach us have either been actively managing their cash and have found it too time consuming, or have all their savings sitting in a single account earning one uncompetitive rate. We find this particularly true of Corporate and Charity clients.

Aren’t we competing for the same cash? You want it for your service, we may want it for a client’s pension?

Cash Solutions from Insignis is a great place to park your client’s cash whilst you decide on a long term home for it.  Our clients fit into three broad categories:

  • Clients holding cash as part of a balanced portfolio
  • Elderly clients who are holding all their money in cash
  • The temporarily wealthy, perhaps they have sold a house or a business or inherited a sum. They use our Cash Solutions whilst planning their longer term financial needs.
In the current interest rate environment is their enough value in doing this?

Higher interest rate environments tend to coincide with higher inflation figures so the net benefit to the client is often the same.

With so many non-High Street brands offering competitive rates it becomes more difficult for individuals to keep on top of the most competitive rates that make a difference.

Won’t this make more work for us for little return?

We at Insignis do all the work for you. You provide a certified copy of the passport and driving license for the client (or directors / trustees if a corporate or charity entity) and give us the contact details. We do all the work on your behalf.

Alternatively, if you prefer to be more involved in the client’s journey, we are happy to support that too.

What kind of access can we expect as the client’s Advisor?

Unless the client requests us not to give you access, which we are duty bound to honour under the Data Protection Act, you will be able to view a client’s portfolio via your website access.  Access comes at two levels:

  • Standard access which allows the user to only see their own clients.
  • Super User access which allows the user to see all the clients referred by the firm.

Some firms request all users to have Super User access.

Your access is activated when your first client makes their first deposit.

What reporting do you offer?

Via the website you can instantly create a pdf of the client’s portfolio perhaps in advance of a meeting with the client. We also provide a consolidated interest statement for use when completing the client’s tax return.

Why are you different from other Cash Management services which we tried and found too much like hard work?

Cash Solutions from Insignis has been created by a team of people who are well experienced in the cash management space and have learned many lessons from how the market has evolved.

Our one signature solution ensures all correspondence comes via Insignis and our website makes for an easy experience for both clients and wealth managers.

If I am interested, what are the next steps?

Simply contact us on 01223 200674 and we will arrange for a member of the team to contact you at a time and place convenient to you. We propose to complete all necessary documentation in a single session to minimise the time and hassle to all our clients.