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The Insignis Cash platform is built to seamlessly integrate into the arsenal of financial advisers – helping you to meet the diverse needs of your clients. Whether you have individual and joint clients seeking higher interest, SMEs and corporates aiming to diversify their cash reserves, or non-profit organisations looking to build a more lucrative treasury policy, Insignis Cash is the answer.

Advisers use our platform to find the right savings products, deposit clients’ cash accordingly, and monitor their holdings at any time. This helps you to provide a great advisory service, retain your clients and grow your business.

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Our Diverse Client Types


Helping an individual client maximise his savings.

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Helping an individual client maximise his savings


John, a client with £500,000 in savings, prefers to keep his funds in cash rather than opting for riskier investments. He is seeking to explore avenues for earning higher interest and building a solid financial foundation for his family.




John’s adviser leverages Insignis Cash to secure optimal deals


Guiding John through the available options, his adviser introduces him to the Insignis Cash platform. By opening a personal account, John gets access to a diverse range of top market rates – from easy access to fixed-term savings products across 45+ banks and building societies. He can efficiently manage his cash savings, selecting preferred rates and terms to meet his liquidity needs.


The adviser has full oversight over John’s assets at all times, fostering transparency and a productive client-adviser relationship. With John’s consent, the adviser can even place funds on his behalf.


The “family linking” option is another benefit that aids John in supporting his family. His wife and two children (both aged over 18) open their own personal Insignis Cash accounts. Insignis Cash treats their funds as a collective total and applies a service fee accordingly, which may result in a lower overall fee.


Helping a business grow and protect its cash reserves.

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Helping a business grow and protect its cash reserves


Noble Builders, an SME construction business, has around £250,000 more in cash than it needs for its current working capital. This fund is sitting in the business’s bank account earning little interest. The business reaches out to its independent financial adviser on how to make these funds work better for them. During their review, the adviser suggests that Noble Builders should prioritise making these funds fully eligible for FSCS protection – while maintaining some liquidity in case of a crisis.




How Noble Builders’ adviser uses Insignis Cash to find the right deal The range of savings products available via Insignis Cash gives businesses scope to build a varied portfolio that suits their liquidity requirements.


Noble Builders’ adviser is already partnered with Insignis Cash. By using a partnered adviser, Noble Builders can make a lower minimum first deposit (£50,000) than if they had used the Insignis Cash platform directly. This in turn gives the business scope to build their deposit portfolio incrementally, dividing the funds between easy access and fixed-term products. The adviser has full visibility of the business’s holdings, and can thus continue to advise them accurately and in real time. As the business diversifies its surplus cash, it finds that it is earning higher interest on its reserves whilst ensuring maximum eligibility for FSCS protection.


Noble Builders consequently increases the interest earned on its cash reserves and safeguards them. It also finds that its internal cash management process is completed far more efficiently.


Helping a charity raise money – just by holding it in the right place.

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Helping a charity raise money – just by holding it in the right place


The Potts Foundation has raised £5 million following a fundraising drive and a round of private donations. Their financial adviser anticipates that if this money is deposited in the right savings account, the charity could raise more than £100,000 in interest over the course of a year. This would be a valuable extra resource to draw on, and so the charity requires advice to help them identify the right savings product.




How The Potts Foundation’s adviser uses Insignis Cash to find the best deal


The Potts Foundation’s adviser decides to open a Charity Insignis Cash account. This significantly streamlines cash management processes, providing one unified platform for depositing and monitoring funds with various banks and building societies. It also empowers the finance team to access top rates that could generate extra funds.


In addition, with full visibility into the charity’s holdings, the adviser can provide guidance on risk minimisation strategies. This proactive approach not only safeguards the charity’s reputation but also fosters trust in the adviser’s expertise. The charity can use Insignis Cash to generate reports for auditors where necessary.


Through using Insignis Cash, The Potts Foundation’s usually stretched finance team saves time, reduces risks and improve returns allowing the charity to run more ambitious projects – and support a much larger number of beneficiaries.

Court of Protection

How advisers can protect a vulnerable client.

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How advisers can protect a vulnerable client


Clara is a retired doctor and is unfortunately no longer able to manage her finances alone. The Court of Protection appoints a deputy, who decides to diversify Clara’s savings to ensure maximal eligibility for FSCS protection. Having approached an independent financial adviser, the deputy is told that the market for Court of Protection savings products is not especially competitive, with interest rates generally quite low. As such, the adviser’s task is to find an efficient solution that helps Clara afford future costs and protects her savings.




How the deputy’s adviser uses Insignis Cash to find the best deal for Clara


The adviser introduces Clara’s deputy to Insignis Cash, and helps them opening a Court of Protection account. Once the process is complete, the deputy finds that they can access relevant products from a variety of financial institutions – without having to go through the same process again. This allows the deputy to focus on supporting Clara, by diversifying her savings quickly and simply. Both deputy and adviser have full visibility over the portfolio created on Clara’s behalf, which helps them to work together to identify top rates and grow her overall funds.


Clara benefits from the top rates offered via Insignis Cash, which earn her higher interest, and simple diversification that ensure her savings are eligible for FSCS protection. The deputy benefits from an efficient platform that minimises the bureaucracy involved in the Court of Protection process, and makes an onerous responsibility less complex and time-consuming. The adviser can build their own professional reputation through offering efficient support to a vulnerable person and build a closer working relationship with the deputy that may lead to future opportunities.


How advisers can expand and analyse SIPP options for their clients.

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How advisers can expand and analyse SIPP options for their clients


In response to clients looking to plan for the future, adviser Jack explores ways to efficiently broaden the range of SIPP products he can offer. Jack comes across Insignis Cash which serves as a gateway to SIPPs from a wide range of pension providers.




How Jack makes the most of Insignis Cash


Contacting Insignis Cash, Jack realises that several of the providers he works with are already on the platform. Using the Insignis Cash client portal gives him scope to manage them all from one screen, and analyse the products on offer accordingly. Jack can get a swift and simple snapshot of the SIPP market, and an easy means of ensuring that he can advise his clients on fair value. He can also use the platform to take advantage of products from other pension providers, which helps him achieve his initial aim of expanding his SIPP offering to clients.


Jack saves time during his working day by interacting with, and evaluating, various SIPP providers through the Insignis Cash platform. He is better able to give informed advice to clients looking for pension schemes, which equips him to retain them (and attract new ones). His clients receive the benefit of fair value advice and a wider range of SIPP options, which mean they can select the right product for them – and look forward to a well-funded retirement.

Personal Trust

How to build a higher education fund.


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How to build a higher education fund


Amy has created a personal trust to fund her daughter’s higher education in years to come. Having completed the legal establishment process and identified a financial institution to act as custodian, she wants to appoint her financial adviser as trustee of the fund. The adviser knows they have a legal obligation to provide the returns that Amy is looking for, and is also conscious that the fund is currently not wholly eligible for FSCS protection. The adviser consequently needs a means of addressing both issues efficiently.




How Insignis Cash helps Amy’s adviser find the best deal


The adviser discovers that Amy’s chosen custodian bank is already partnered with Insignis Cash. The platform helps the adviser to swiftly analyse the savings product market for personal trusts, and thus help Amy to earn the returns from interest that she seeks. The adviser therefore uses Insignis Cash to meet their obligation to safeguard Amy’s funds – by providing a simple way to diversify the money and maximise eligibility for FSCS protection. Using Insignis Cash gives the adviser permanent and full visibility over all cash deposits.


Amy’s fund earns significant returns on interest, enabling her to plan for the future and budget for her daughter’s university fees. Her adviser benefits from an online cash management platform that helps them deliver on their legal obligation as trustee, and manage the trust more easily and swiftly. This helps build trust between adviser and client, which potentially transcends generations as Amy’s daughter benefits from the proceeds.


More money means more teachers: helping schools earn interest.

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More money means more teachers: helping schools earn interest


Multi-academy trust Oswald House has raised a £2 million reserve fund, but the board of trustees is concerned that the fund is at risk if their chosen bank were to collapse. Their external financial adviser suggests leveraging funds for higher returns. The trust sees an opportunity to fund new educational equipment and appoint more teachers simply from the increased interest. As such the adviser aims to identify top interest rates on the market, and find an efficient way to diversify and manage their funds.




How Oswald House’s adviser uses Insignis Cash to find the best deal


The trust’s adviser introduces them to Insignis Cash, and helps them to create an account with us. Using our platform gives the trustees an overview of available rates and terms all on one screen. This helps them to compare products, calculate their potential return, and plan their future procurement and recruitment strategy accordingly. Moreover, the adviser is able to help them diversify the funds between several investment grade institutions – which reassures trustees that the cash is safe – and subsequently have full oversight over the holdings. This helps the adviser to build a closer long-term working relationship with the trust.


With the interest earned on Oswald House’s savings, schools affiliated with the trust can hire more teachers and teaching assistants. This lifts staff morale, improves the learning experience of pupils and increases parent satisfaction. The trust’s finance director and their external adviser continue to collaborate to deliver high returns and keep Oswald House funding secure. This maintains a positive reputation for all parties.


Finding a SSAS for the prudent company director.

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Finding a SSAS for the prudent company director


Limited company director Danny has approached his financial adviser about opening a SSAS. He wants help in identifying a financially strong and secure provider who is committed to the SSAS market. The adviser is conscious that Danny may also wish to invite other company directors and family members to the scheme in future, and so needs to clearly demonstrate long-term returns and benefits so Danny can explain these in turn to others.




How Danny’s adviser uses Insignis Cash to find the best deal


Danny’s adviser contacts Insignis Cash to find out which SSAS providers are accessible through the platform. The adviser finds that the platform has several committed providers, and that they can use it to analyse the products on offer and make recommendations to Danny and his fellow company – in line with his fair value obligations.


Danny manages to secure a SSAS scheme that provides retirement planning opportunities, for him and for his fellow company directors and family members. The SSAS also gives Danny and his immediate relatives the opportunity to invest in commercial property and monitor the tax-free rent that is collected all in one place. The adviser has saved time during the working day by using the Insignis Cash platform to view committed SSAS providers and evaluate the interest rates that can bring Danny the highest returns – thus delivering fair value advice efficiently.

Power of Attorney

Empowering an attorney in difficult circumstances.

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Empowering an attorney in difficult circumstances


Martha has recently been appointed attorney for her sister, who suffers from a long-term illness and believes she may not be able to manage her own finances in the future. Her financial adviser helps her to create a dedicated bank account for these funds, but advises Martha that they could be earning far more interest, and that they would not be fully eligible for FSCS protection. As such, Martha asks her financial adviser to help her build her sister’s fund for the future and safeguard




How Martha’s adviser uses Insignis Cash to find the best deal


The adviser introduces Martha to Insignis Cash, and helps her create a Power of Attorney account on the platform. Once the process is complete, Martha finds that she can access relevant products from a variety of financial institutions, and diversify her sister’s funds without having to complete the lengthy approval with each bank. With much of the logistical work averted, Martha and her adviser can concentrate on growing and safeguarding the fund. The adviser has full visibility over the portfolio, making it far simpler to work with Martha to identify good rates.


Martha’s sister benefits from the top rates offered via Insignis Cash, which earn her higher interest, and simple diversification that ensure her savings are eligible for FSCS protection. Martha herself finds that the burden of being Power of Attorney is lessened, thanks to the simple gateway that Insignis Cash provides to relevant products. The adviser benefits from an opportunity to build an efficient working relationship with Martha, through using the platform to analyse available products. They can also support a family in difficult circumstances with valuable advice, and thus build their own professional reputation.

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