Diversify risk, manage liquidity and maximise yield

Diversify your cash reserves according to your liquidity requirements, with direct access to multiple investment grade banks.

Access investment grade deposit accounts all at the click of a button

Cash management often gets overlooked, but at Insignis Cash, we’ve turned it into a strategic advantage for you and your corporation. Say goodbye to time and resource constraints – the Insignis Cash platform is your shortcut to efficient and secure liquidity management.

Insignis Cash helps treasury and finance teams to manage their corporation’s cash without the inconvenience of onboarding with multiple banks. Instead, a single sign-up process grants you access to hundreds of cash deposit products from a range of investment grade banks, across multiple tenors and currencies. 

Navigating treasury management policies and intricate governance procedures is a common challenge. Our experienced team will work with you on building a cash deposit portfolio that minimises risk and maximises returns on your excess cash balances. 

Optimise returns, diversify your corporate deposits and enjoy seamless cash management. 

Top Rates

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3 Month Fixed Term


6 Month Fixed Term


Rates are correct on the Insignis Cash Platform as of 18 Jun 2024. Rates are subject to a minimum and maximum deposit size. Availability of product will vary depending on the client type.

How it works - Effortlessly track and manage your cash reserves

  • Complete a single application to open your account. 
  • Make your initial deposit and fund your Insignis Cash Hub Account.
  • Diversify your portfolio by selecting from a wide array of market-leading corporate deposit accounts and start earning interest.


Why Insignis Cash

Insignis Cash is committed to providing corporates with the best solutions for their cash management needs.


Diversify your cash deposits with 45+ investment-grade and challenger banks and building societies offering various term options to meet your liquidity requirements across GBP, USD and EUR currencies.

Market-leading interest rates

Access competitive and exclusive interest rates across a wide selection of corporate deposit accounts.


24/7 availability, two-step authentication, and dual authorisation for secure transactions.

Beneficial Ownership

Your funds are exclusively held in your corporate name and can only be withdrawn to a designated account.

Effortless Reporting

Satisfy your audit requirements effortlessly with transaction history, portfolio summary, and interest received reports, all available in one place.


We are built on trust; a dedicated relationship management team works directly with your treasury and finance functions from the initial call, through onboarding and portfolio management.

Frequently asked questions

Do you offer accounts in other currencies?

We offer US dollar and Euro accounts across our individual, joint, corporate, charity and trust accounts.

Do you charge transaction fees or a sign-up fee?

Our only charge is the annual account service fee, which is based on the total deposit, which is due monthly in arrears. There are no other fees for the Insignis Cash service.

What reporting do you offer?

On the Insignis Cash platform, clients can generate three reports at any time:

  • Portfolio Summary: an overview of all the funds currently on our platform.
  • Transaction History: lists all movements on the account, for any period, including details of charges made.
  • Interest Received: summarises all the interest received across all the products in the Portfolio.

Who is the beneficial owner of the funds while they are placed with the banks/building societies?

The client always stays the beneficial owner of the funds throughout the process. The funds never touch Insignis Cash.

What happens to clients’ deposits if Insignis Cash ceases to trade?

Clients’ funds are securely held by the relevant financial institutions, not by Insignis Cash. Funds would be retained by the banks and building societies until maturity (if applicable), when the funds will be returned to the linked account.

How does dual authority work on the Insignis Cash platform?

Insignis Cash allows dual authorisation on transactions which means one individual requests a transaction (movement or withdrawal of funds) and a second individual approves the transaction. The approver will receive an email notification when a transaction is requested.

How many people can have access to the corporate account?

You can have as many people as you would like with ‘view only’ access on the account and these individuals can be added once your Insignis Cash account is opened. In addition, when completing your application, you can choose to have either one (single authority) or two (dual authority) on the account. This/these individual/s will be responsible for adding, moving, and withdrawing funds from the Insignis Cash platform.

Can I open an account for a holding company?

You can open an Insignis Cash account for a holding company as well as trading companies.

Can I open multiple corporate accounts?

You can open multiple Insignis Cash corporate accounts for your different businesses, however, you will need to have separate email addresses for each account.

Protect cash deposits & maximise yield at a click of button

Diversify your cash reserves according to your liquidity requirements with direct access to multiple investment grade banks.

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