Ensure your client's cash is working to its full potential

Extend the breadth of your existing proposition by offering your clients an effective treasury management service.

Insignis Cash empowers Professional Firms to maximise their clients’ returns

From a single application your clients gain direct access to more than 3,500 interest-bearing accounts from 45+ banks and building societies. We support a wide range of clients from individuals to companies, charities, and local authorities and have saving accounts to meet the liquidity needs of all our clients. 

Through the Insignis Cash platform, you can help your clients increase the interest they earn on their cash reserves while increasing bank diversification, reducing their risk and increasing their Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) protection eligibility.

We partner with UK-based institutions that are authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA) and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), to support high levels of security and compliance for our clients.  

Your client always remains the beneficial owner of their funds and withdrawals from the platform are processed through their designated linked account for increased security.  

Because we understand the importance of building and maintaining strong relationships with clients, you can rest assured that none of our banking partners will approach your clients directly.

Top Rates

Easy access


6 Month Fixed Term


1 Year Fixed Term


Rates are correct on the Insignis Cash Platform as of 18 Jun 2024. Rates are subject to a minimum and maximum deposit size. Availability of product will vary depending on the client type.

How it works - Offer your client a safe and efficient way to manage their cash savings

Attract new clients and enhance your proposition by offering the Insignis Cash platform to your clients.  

  • Sign-up to become an Insignis Cash Professional Partner  
  • Open accounts for your clients, at no cost  
  • Provide them with access to deposit accounts from 45+ banks and building societies 
  • Know they can safely place, withdraw, and re-invest funds as often as required  

The minimum deposit size is £250k.

Why Insignis Cash

We are committed to providing our partners with the best solutions for their clients’ cash management needs.  

Exclusive and market-leading rates

Provide your clients with direct access to competitive and exclusive interest rates across a variety of savings accounts, including GBP, USD and EUR accounts.

Reduced counterparty risks

Offer your clients better FSCS protection eligibility by spreading their savings across multiple banks all at the click on a button. All UK-based banks on the Insignis Cash platform are members of the UK FSCS.

Secure platform

24/7 availability, two-step authentication, and dual authorisation for secure transactions. Funds are held in your client’s name and can only be withdrawn to the client’s designated linked account from the platform. 

Trusted partner

Thousands of advisers, wealth managers, accountants and financial institutions rely on our platform to enhance returns on their clients’ cash savings. 

Total control

Option to simply oversee your clients’ deposit portfolio or have the “Authority to transact” on their behalf when appropriate. 

Flexible fees

Choose between earning a share of the ongoing management fee or passing a fee discount onto your clients.  

What our partners say

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can open an Insignis Cash account?

To open an account, all the beneficiaries must be:

  • Over 18 years old (unless in the case of a trust)
  • UK citizens
  • Permanent UK residents (residency permit will be required where the client is not a UK citizen)
  • UK incorporated legal entities or arrangements
  • UK tax-payers

Please note we cannot open accounts for any individuals living outside the UK or US Persons submitting tax returns to the US Inland Revenue Service (IRS).

How secure is client data?

Client data, including personal and organisational information is encrypted using proprietary encryption methods. All Personal data is encrypted when data is at rest and access is only permitted to authorised personnel.

Access to the Cash Management Platform is secured using Strong Customer Authentication (SCA username, password, and PIN code sent to registered mobile).

How long does it take for funds to appear in the Insignis Cash Hub account?

Funds can take up to one business day to appear in the Insignis Cash Hub account, provided they come from the client’s linked account with the correct reference. Clients receive an email notification once the funds are available to be placed.

What reporting do you offer?

On the Insignis Cash platform, clients can generate three reports at any time:

  • Portfolio Summary: an overview of all the funds currently on our platform.
  • Transaction History: lists all movements on the account, for any period, including details of charges made.
  • Interest Received: summarises all the interest received across all the products in the Portfolio.

What happens to clients’ deposits if Insignis Cash ceases to trade?

Clients’ funds are securely held by the relevant financial institutions, not by Insignis Cash. Funds would be retained by the banks and building societies until maturity (if applicable), when the funds will be returned to the linked account.

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