Enable your clients to protect and grow their pension savings

Provide comprehensive financial support and enable your clients to manage their retirement cash savings effectively, optimising investment returns, and increasing their bank diversification.

Insignis Cash is a cash management platform helping you enhance and safeguard your clients' pension cash.

Our award-winning platform empowers Pension Providers, Financial Advisers, and Professional Trustees with direct access to interest-bearing accounts compatible with SIPP and SSAS offerings from multiple banks.

With Insignis Cash, your clients gain exclusive access to premium products while enjoying the convenience of a single application process. We handle all due diligence, KYC, and anti-money laundering checks for the Pension scheme and its members on behalf of the banks, saving you from additional administrative work.

Say goodbye to tedious paperwork and countless hours searching for the best savings accounts across different banks.

Why Insignis Cash

We are dedicated to offering our partners the best solutions for their clients’ cash management and pension needs.

Trusted partner

Thousands of financial advisers, wealth managers, accountants, and other financial institutions rely on our platform to improve returns on their clients’ cash savings.

Single sign-up

With Insignis Cash, a client goes through a single application to provide them with access to range of banks catering to pension funds. Become a pension partner to unlock the cash potential for your clients.

Exclusive and market-leading rates 

We offer direct access to competitive rates from multiple banks and a variety of deposit accounts to meet your clients’ pension liquidity needs.

Effortless savings management

Choosing new bank accounts is simple: you can easily filter available accounts based on liquidity requirements or bank preferences and allocate pension funds in a few clicks.

Reduced counterparty risks

Minimise risk and diversify your clients’ pension cash by spreading it across multiple bank accounts. All UK banks are under the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS).

Friendly support

Our UK based Client Services team are on hand to assist you with client applications and provide training on how make the most of our user-friendly platform.

Top Rates

See how much your client could be earning today

Easy access


6 Month Fixed Term


1 Year Fixed Term


Rates are correct on the Insignis Cash Platform as of 20 May 2024. Rates are subject to minimum and maximum deposit size. Pensions refers to SIPP and SSAS products. Availability of products will vary depending on the client type.

How it works - A straightforward service that will save you time

Attract new clients and enhance your proposition by offering the Insignis Cash solution for your pension cash.

  • Become a partner
  • Open an account for your clients’ SIPPs or SSAS at no cost
  • Access savings products from a range of banks and building societies
  • Place, withdraw, and re-invest funds as often as required

The minimum deposit size is £50,000.

We are trusted by many of the UK’s leading Pension Providers and Financial partners.

Become a partner

Join the many Pension Providers, Financial Advisers, and Wealth Managers who trust Insignis Cash to manage their client’s cash.