Active Cash Savings: A New Year’s Resolution you can stick to

Dec 27th 2019

Most New Year’s Resolutions inevitably include a new diet, seeing more of friends and a fitness regime. Many of us also want to do more with our cash savings.

This is where we can help.

Managing your cash is vital to protecting your cash savings from Inflation. We encourage you to add active cash management of your savings to your list of resolutions for 2020. Better yet, let us help you.

Insignis Cash helps you achieve higher interest rates for your cash savings. The service helps increase FSCS protection, improves interest rates and removes the hassle of dealing with multiple banks.

FSCS eligibility protection per bank account of up to £85,000 is also something that every saver should be aware of and using it to its best advantage. Insignis Cash can take care of this for you. Insignis have more than 25 banks on their panel, all with their own UK banking license ensuring you can take advantage of the government-backed protection for your savings.

Active cash savings on the Insignis Cash platform might just be the easiest New Year’s resolution to stick to because they make sure that you’re always earning the best interest and you will never have to open a savings account again! Actively managing your savings is only a few clicks away with a simple online sign up form.

We can’t help with your fitness regime or diet, but we can help with your cash savings. Free up your New Year to-do list by getting in touch.