Actively managed cash beats a FTSE 100 tracker, even long term

Jun 23rd 2016

Two articles recently published from Radio4’s Moneybox presenter Paul Lewis make for a fascinating summary on the superior performance of thoughtfully placed cash vs a FTSE 100 tracker over time. He argues that up to a 20 year investment horizon “well managed active cash beat a FTSE100 tracker more often than not. And unlike a shares investment it can never lose anyone money.”

Of course unless you have the time to monitor some 2000 account offerings, some of which change daily, getting returns from your cash isn’t as easy as it should be. Until now.

Come over to Insignis and see how we provide that active management of your cash, seeking out the right balance of security, liquidity and return to suit you.

Cash beat shares from 1995 to 2015 15 June 2016 Tiny URL

Best-buy savings accounts can beat the stock market ‘Active cash’ strategy has produced better returns than a FTSE 100 tracker over time  by: Paul Lewis 14 June 2016 Tiny URL