Insignis Cash is Excited to Announce its New Brand Identity and Website

Jul 6th 2023

Today, we are excited to launch our new brand identity, which reflects our company’s vision and ambitions, as well as the transformative solutions we offer in the fintech industry.

As part of our commitment to providing the best experience for our clients and partners, we have worked diligently to create a new look and feel that truly represents who we are and the values we uphold. From a new logo and colour palette to new imagery, you can expect to see changes across our new website, social media, marketing materials, and online platforms in the coming days.

We have also made significant advancements in the technology that underpins our platforms. This includes releasing our Instant Illustrator, a powerful tool that allows advisers to instantly create illustrations for their clients as and when they wish, and enhancing our Digital Onboarding journey for Personal and Joint accounts to streamline the application and onboarding process.

Moreover, we are proud to share that our esteemed banking panel has continued to grow, which allows us to offer clients and partners a wide range of options, including short-term and long-term high-interest-bearing products in line with the Bank of England’s latest rate hike cycle.

None of this would have been possible without the increase in talent across Insignis Cash, as we carefully recruit a diverse group of ambitious individuals eager to provide exceptional support and expertise.

We are looking forward to sharing more exciting things very soon.