Insignis Cash Announced ‘Best Cash Platform’ in 2021 Savings Champion Awards

Jan 7th 2021

We are delighted to announce that our Insignis Cash Solutions platform has been awarded Best Cash Savings Platform of the Year by Savings Champion.

Now in its eighth year, the Savings Champion awards are one of the most sought-after awards in the savings industry. Savings Champion emphasises showing recognition in the savings market, taking competitive rates and customer service into consideration. Insignis’s award recognises the work the company is doing to deliver excellence in the cash savings industry; empowering clients to maximise interest and protection from a single sign-up service, whilst reducing admin and hassle.

Commenting on the award, Anna Bowes, co-founder of Savings Champion said “Cash Savings Platforms represent a valuable option for the cash-rich but time-poor saver and our special award recognises the best overall option in this select market. Insignis stands out from its peers as a great all-rounder, offering competitive rates from a good number of different providers.

Crucially, Insignis also caters to a wide range of savers, including trusts, businesses, and pension funds, and is accessible to many, with a relatively low minimum balance requirement. All in all, a great option for those savers looking to apply for accounts with as little hassle as possible, while still getting a decent return on their savings.”

Giles Hutson, CEO of Insignis, said: “We are delighted to be awarded Best Cash Savings Platform and we are grateful to Savings Champion for this award. Savings Champion’s judging process is independent, comprehensive, and involves weekly reviews of the savings market for each category throughout the year.

Insignis is experiencing very significant growth. Our team works hard to help all clients achieve their respective priorities of security and income while also removing the significant hassle of managing multiple bank accounts themselves.”

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