New Tax Year – Act Now to Help Your Clients with Their Tax Bill

Apr 8th 2019
The new tax year has just started and now is the time to assist your clients with their 2020 tax liability. The Insignis service is perfectly placed to make the most of any tax obligation and ensure that the funds earn the best interest rate possible before your clients have to pay the bill at the end of January 2020. We have a variety of accounts that are perfect for this type of cash deposit. For example, a tax obligation of £250,000, if deposited in two 9-month accounts as well as a notice can generate over £4,000 in interest before the bill is due.
Another important factor is that the full deposit amount is FSCS protected so your client’s have peace of mind throughout the duration of the required term. Act fast and help your clients with an Insignis Tax Bill Account now so you can make the most of the service for the allocated funds. Simply contact us for more information.