Opening Doors with Cash Solutions

Jul 9th 2020

Cash can be a great door-opener for new business, and many solicitor client circumstances start with cash, so having Insignis as part of the wider portfolio can win clients when your service is compared to other providers.

Mr Brunel runs BWL Finance, an IFA practice with several advisors, the company has a two year plan to grow and expand their business, and are currently looking for ways to be introduced to new clients. As it stands, they have a couple of professional partnerships in place with solicitors who have in the past referred clients on occasion.

Mr Brunel recognises that to increase referrals from, and strengthen these partnerships, they need products that will resonate with them. Having recently signed a contract and had a training session with Insignis, Mr Brunel has realised the benefits of these products extend past their own clients and apply to the client circumstances that solicitors face daily.

BWL Finance approached a local solicitor with the Insignis Cash product, as it was particularly applicable to the trust cases dealt with by the solicitor. As part of solicitors’ fiduciary duty, trust money needs to be working hard and maintaining value but often trust accounts are difficult to open and not always interest-bearing.

Insignis Cash offers a suite of deposit products for trusts, and a BWL Finance suggests this product to the solicitor as part of the overall portfolio for the trust. They sign up and place £500k across 6 accounts to get full FSCS protection and a higher blended rate, with BWL Finance managing the rest of the trust money in investment portfolio. The partner solicitor is extremely pleased with the solution and has plenty more trust clients to refer to Mr Brunel.

Our team are happy to present our product alongside our IFA partners to solicitors, so contact us today to find out how you can best use the Insignis product to help grow your business.