Empowering Young Lives: A Case Study on Charitable Impact by Scottish Sports Futures

Oct 10th 2023

Last month, we took a moment to reflect and celebrate the time and dedication charities put towards their causes. In this reflection, we also wanted to share how, as a company, we have aided charities in hitting their financial milestones to do more for their causes. And who better to ask than our Charity clients themselves?

We caught up with Kirsty McNab, CEO of Scottish Sports Futures, to discuss the incredible work her charity does and how using Insignis Cash helped them make a significant difference in the lives of young people.

Scottish Sports Futures: A dedicated impact.

Scottish Sports Futures is a charity dedicated to supporting young people in Scotland since 2000. Their mission is to harness the power of sport and physical activity to engage with young people, empowering them to be confident, happy, and healthy. The charity recognises the social inequalities deprived areas of Scotland face, stemming from poverty and adversity outside the young people’s control.

By supporting individuals through access to sports, the charity aims to positively impact the entire community, helping to address the effects of deprivation.

In a world where your upbringing is a postcode lottery, the charity’s approach is to break through stereotypes. Young people in these deprived communities are often labelled negatively due to their circumstances or challenges at school. Scottish Sports Futures takes a different stance by advocating for these young individuals, speaking positively about their potential, and actively working to challenge and change negative perceptions.

Addressing the Mental Health Crisis

During the cost-of-living crisis, charities have struggled to secure extra income through fundraising, sponsorship, or similar activities. Without access to additional revenue, charities are unable to react quickly and positively. That’s when Scottish Sports Futures sought a cash platform.

Their goal was to generate extra income on their cash reserves without the additional administrative burden and cost of tracking the best savings accounts and application process. Upon high auditor recommendations, the charity opened an account with Insignis Cash in early 2022.

The Insignis Cash platform allowed them to efficiently diversify their funds across various accounts from Easy Access to 45 Days Notice. It enabled the charity to increase their interest earnings, guarantee the protection of their funds by FSCS, and swiftly access their funds as required.

Upon receiving restricted funds in advance, Scottish Sports Futures promptly allocated them to a selection of high-interest-bearing accounts on the Insignis Cash platform. This strategic move served a dual purpose: bolstering their financial due diligence by diversifying their funds across multiple accounts, thus reducing risk and creating an additional income stream within the competitive fundraising landscape. This proactive financial management approach has significantly contributed to the charity’s ability to make a lasting impact in its community.

With immediate access to their funds, Scottish Sports Futures responded rapidly to the pressing mental health crisis affecting many young people in their communities, providing their staff with mental health training.


By educating their team, the charity, which has previously had to confront the heartbreaking situations of young people taking their own lives, was able to actively work against the effects of mental health and increase suicide prevention initiatives.

Practical Needs

One aspect of these efforts involved bolstering youth support by addressing practical needs, including providing food during all charity sessions. It ensured that young individuals had consistent access to these vital resources.

Wellbeing Workshops

Alongside this, the charity has run and will continue to organise wellbeing workshops designed by young people for young people, ensuring that the support provided is relevant and impactful.

Scottish Sports Futures - National Lottery Good Causes.

SSF have been nominated for the upcoming National Lottery Awards for the category: National Lottery Project of the Year.

Please take a few minutes to support their great cause by voting. The winner has the chance of winning £5,000, a game-changing amount that could be put towards empowering more young lives who need their help.

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