Meet your Adviser Team

Your dedicated Adviser Partners Team are on hand to assist with general queries regarding the Insignis Cash service and to offer guidance where required.
The Team can be reached Monday to Friday between 09:00 and 17:30 by the following methods:
Insignis Cash - Account Management Director - Sarah Smith
Insignis Cash - Account Manager - Andrew Jones Davies
Insignis Cash - Account Manager - Bethany Horgan
Insignis Cash - Account Manager - Ifran Malik

Sarah Smith

Account Management Director

Andrew Jones-Davies

Senior Account Manager

Bethany Horgan

Account Manager

Ifran Malik

Account Manager

Insignis Cash - Account Management Support Executive - Theresa Barton
Insignis Cash - Account Management Associate - Leo Jewell
Insignis Cash - Account Management Executive - Aminah Habib

Theresa Barton

Account Management Support Executive

Leo Jewell

Account Management Associate

Aminah Habib

Account Management Executive