Are you getting the best interest rates available on your savings and deposits? Do you have the time to address these concerns?




A savings product that stays ahead of the market

Keeping up-to-date with new bank accounts and constantly changing interest rates is a persistent challenge that most people just don’t have the time or appetite for. We do that for you. We’ll get the best interest rates for your cash deposits across a variety of banks with a single sign-up procedure. Deposit protection by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is subject to the deposit eligibility and wholly determined by the FSCS. Further details can be found at here.

You’ll benefit from:

Top interest rates

Top interest rates across all savings providers.

A one-time sign up process

Makes hundreds of savings accounts available. A variety of term options are available to keep your funds as liquid as you need them.

Cash moved securely

Cash is moved securely from a range of UK-based to Offshore banks offering a variety of products with competitive interest rates.

A managed account

A dedicated relationship manager oversees your account.

Hard working cash

Knowing that your cash is consistently working as hard as other assets means that you’re free to focus on what’s important.

Protection Scheme Eligibility

Client are eligible for protection per account opened for each banking license.

Put your cash to work

Our focus is to establish the right balance between Security, Liquidity and Return for your cash savings. There is £160 billion in savings accounts paying less than 0.5% interest – is your cash working harder than that?

We deliver a savings solution that balances each client’s individual priorities for security, liquidity and return. Your cash is spread across banks that offer the best rates available and moved as interest rates change. A one-time sign up means our clients never need to open or close another account again. Need more information? Read the FAQs


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Average Interest Rate

Take advantage of the current rising interest rate environment and access our market leading interest rates from our 35+ Banking panel on the Insignis Cash Solutions platform today from just one single sign-up process. Request a bespoke illustration today and see how much you could be earning on your cash deposits.

Easy Access 3.12%       6 Month Fixed Term 3.85%        1 Year Fixed Term 4.35%*

*Data correct as of 7th March 2023




“I was looking for ways in which to get the best return for my cash once I retired. The Insignis model of cash asset solutions was attractive to me as I wanted some flexibility and short term access while still getting the best interest rates available on the market. The team at Insignis are a pleasure to deal with and are very professional in what they do, I recommend them to friends all the time.”

Mr A Thomas

Case Studies

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How it works

Our single sign in process makes depositing your money easy. Click here to see how it works.



Individuals FAQs

What type of savings accounts are offered? IA/ Fixed Term/ Notice?

We offer a range of individual or joint accounts from Instant Access to five year accounts, as well as shorter term notice accounts.

Couldn’t I do this myself?

You could. But this would require you to research the markets for the best interest rates, check the rate fluctuations (approximately 200 each week), keep abreast of acquisitions and mergers and their effect on banking licenses, and thus FSCS protection, and apply to each institution yourself. We take all of this hassle away from our clients.

Can I make additional deposits into my account?

Yes, there is no limit to the amount of cash that Insignis can manage for you. Many clients see the interest returns on their initial deposit and then choose to increase their funds invested.  Some notice accounts and easy access accounts are open to top up deposits at the original rates of interest and these prove popular for new cash.

Are you regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority?

Insignis Cash Solutions is a trading name of Insignis Asset Management Limited (Company Number 09477376). Insignis Asset Management Limited is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (813442).

This information is available on the FCA register website.

Where is my money held?

Your initial deposits are held in your own account within the Barclays Hub account. When we have agreed on which interest bearing accounts most suit your needs your money will be transferred. You will always be the beneficial owner of your cash deposit.

How do you keep me up to date with my portfolio?

You will be given login details for our secure digital platform where you can view your portfolio and transfer, deposit or withdraw your savings.  In addition, we provide an app compatible with Apple, Android and Windows devices so you can view a summary of your portfolio at any time.

Who do I contact if I have a question relating to my account?

When you become a client of Insignis you will be assigned a personal Account Manager. Your Account Manager can be contacted via phone or email.  You can also find answers to many questions on our website or via your logon to the Insignis platform.

How does the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) affect my deposits?

Deposit protection by the Financial Services Compensation Scheme (FSCS) is subject to the deposit eligibility and wholly determined by the FSCS. Further details can be found at here.

Read our guide to FSCS protection here.

I am interested, what are the next steps?

Simply contact us and we will arrange for a member of the team to get in touch. We will provide you will all the necessary documentation for you to start your Insignis application.