Equity Down, Cash Up

Aug 9th 2022

Downturn in equity market changing appetite for cash.

The overall direction of travel is that available savings rates are increasing and in contrast to the downturn in the equity markets moving cash deposits into attractive saving products has dramatically increased.

In the last four months alone Insignis Cash Solutions has seen an almost 30% increase in illustration requests from Financial Advisers on the previous 3 months and an increase of 113% in new Financial Advice Firms signing up to use the platform for their Clients in the same period. The industry is moving towards the increasing returns available of cash deposits seen in our own numbers but also commented by industry experts like Don Ezra recently in the Financial Times, “falling markets are, perhaps paradoxically, good for savers”.

Savings and Deposit Rates have already seen significant increases over the past 6 months, particularly from challenger banks.  In the last five months our best Easy Access account has increased by 143.06% to 1.75%, our 1 Year Fixed Term rate has increased by 83.87% to now 2.85%.

  • Easy Access Savings Accounts up to 1.75%
  • Average Easy Access account on Insignis Platform up 143.06% since March 2022
  • 6th Month Bonds Reach 2% mark
  • 2 Year Bonds up to 3.17%

How can Insignis help?

Founded by Industry leading experts, Insignis provides a solution to cash savers. With Offices in Cambridge & London we have a team of FinTech experts readily available to provide their opinions on Savings Market, Wealth Management, Finance and the UK economy.

The current savings accounts rates available from High Street banks are still as low as 0.10%.  Insignis works with a panel of 40+ Banks and Building Societies, providing access to market-leading rates from one single sign-up process. Maximise your returns on cash holdings, whilst simultaneously reducing risk by boosting FSCS Protection eligibility.

Request a bespoke illustration and platform demonstration today to see how much you, your client or organisation could be earning. To find out more about Insignis visit www.insigniscash.com or email info@insigniscash.com.