Exploring the Future of Wealth Management: Insights from Fintech Experts

May 31st 2024

On May 9th, we had the pleasure of joining the 11:FS team on the Fintech Insider podcast to discuss the future of wealth management for High-Net-Worth Individuals (HNWIs). Our discussion revolved around how platforms like Insignis Cash provide exceptional value to the estimated 15 million HNWIs globally.

Our CEO and Founder, Giles Hutson, was part of an esteemed panel that included Will Jones, Chief Design and Product Officer at 11:FS; Daniel Gold, CEO and Founder of Stratiphy; and Alexandra Loydon, Private Client Director at St. James’s Place.

Key takeaways from the episode

Simplifying complex finances with technology

We kicked off the conversation by discussing how technology platforms like Insignis Cash bring simplicity to managing complex financial portfolios. Today’s HNWIs often find that managing wealth can feel like running a small business. The panel agreed on the transformative power of combining trust and technology to simplify this process. But what’s even more exciting is the role of financial advisors in the digital age. Rather than replacing advisors, technology should empower them to become “super advisors.” By enhancing their capabilities, advisors can offer their clients even more personalised and effective services.

Meeting the expectations of a new breed of HNWIs

We also explored the changing demographics and expectations of HNWIs. While much of the UK’s wealth is held by individuals over 55, a new generation of wealthy clients is emerging. These clients, including music stars, gaming influencers, and tech entrepreneurs, demand the same ease of use from their financial services as they experience with other digital services. This trend underscores the importance of user-friendly, tech-driven wealth management solutions.

The great wealth transfer and retirement planning

The panel highlighted the Great Wealth Transfer’s significant opportunity. As wealth shifts to younger generations through business sales, property transactions, and inheritances, there is a growing market for innovative wealth management solutions. Retirement planning is a key area for new fintech innovations.

AI: The future of wealth management

Finally, the panel discussed the potential of AI to revolutionise wealth management. AI can enhance accessibility to services like Insignis Cash and help us deliver superior customer experiences. Stay tuned for exciting developments from Insignis Cash as we continue to integrate AI into our platform.


Platforms like Insignis Cash are at the forefront, leveraging technology to meet the needs of a new generation of HNWIs and empower financial advisors. The future holds exciting possibilities, particularly with advancements in AI, promising even greater value and better experiences for our clients.
We look forward to continuing this conversation and driving innovation in wealth management.

You can listen to the full Fintech Insider by 11:FS podcast on Spotify, Apple or wherever you get your podcasts.