Insignis Cash Solutions appoints Tim Moss as Chief Technology Officer

Oct 4th 2017

Insignis Cash Solutions, a leading cash management provider, has appointed Tim Moss as its chief technology officer (CTO) to expand the capabilities of the Insignis technology platform and support the company’s ambitious growth plans.

The Insignis platform enables individuals and businesses to deposit and easily move cash between accounts, while balancing their individual priorities for security, liquidity and investment return. Cash is spread across banks that offer the best rates available and is moved as interest rates change. The banks Insignis works with have a proven track record for financial strength, low administration costs and premium interest rates.

Tim’s responsibilities involve developing the Insignis technology infrastructure to ensure efficient connectivity between Insignis, its banking partners and clients. Continuous development of the Insignis technology will ensure a smooth and secure customer journey, from onboarding through to regular portfolio reviews, and facilitate integration with wealth management and treasury platforms as Insignis continues to expand into new client segments.

Tim has extensive industry experience, having worked in software and systems architecture roles for over 25 years. As senior analyst programmer at OpenLink Financial, he developed trading platforms used by the Bank of England, investment banks and energy companies. He worked for mobile payments company Bango plc for twelve years, where he developed products and data solutions in the roles of chief security officer (CSO), chief data officer (CDO) and CTO.

Giles Hutson, CEO of Insignis Cash Solutions said: “Our bespoke technology is highly relevant as the cash deposit industry is undergoing dramatic changes, including government and regulatory initiatives to increase competition. Coupled with the low interest rate environment this makes active cash management more important than ever for savers to achieve decent returns. Tim will be instrumental in ensuring that the Insignis platform continues to go from strength to strength, building on our competitive edge to allow us to reach new audiences and sectors.”