About Insignis Cash Solutions

Insignis Cash Solutions is an award-winning cash savings platform designed to help you earn better interest from your hard-earned cash. Our platform gives you access to over 30 banks, including Investec, with a single sign-up process. We enable you to increase return and reduce risk on your cash deposits with minimal effort.

Established in 2015, Insignis is experiencing exponential growth as more people realise that our simple solution saves them time and earns them better interest rates, without the hassle. We work with over 700 UK financial advice firms, a range of wealth managers, financial planners, and banking partners, to bring transparency and accessibility to the savings market. Our independent status allows us to collaborate with key financial professionals to get the best results for our mutual clients.

All UK banks on the Insignis platform come under the FSCS protection scheme. Eligible deposits can receive protection of up to £85,000 per individual for each account opened.

Below are the current Investec rates available on our platform:

Rates are subject to change before a client account is opened and do not include Insignis’ fee, which can be found on application.
Please note alternative Banks, products and rates are available through Insignis

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    How Insignis works

    There is more than £1.6 trillion in cash deposits in the UK that could be working harder.
    To find out how Insignis is working to address this with our clients, watch the video below:

    All UK banks on the Insignis platform come under the FSCS protection scheme. To learn more about
    FSCS eligibility and protection, please click here.​